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Specializing in the integration of one's genetic potential in all areas of natural human performance.



The Future of Fitness

The DNA Difference

While there are a lot of supplement options and anti-aging clinics worldwide, very few take performance seriously and look into all areas of performance. We spent years finding and testing the finest raw materials and tested each extensively in the lab as well as at our sports science center; allowing for the best results possible, while also making sure no harm would be done to the human body. DNA started as a private performance center after years of work with professional and college athletes, where we saw a huge need to educate the general public and then decided to build a one-of-a-kind specialty lab were we develop our own line of Bio-Identical Growth Compounds.

Driven By Success

For years we have found physical and medical testing can give proven results. Countless individuals have gone through our thorough testing processes to find the best avenues for successful and healthy progress in all areas of human performance. Often times human performance is associated with the likes of illegal PED use and unnatural altering of the human body, at DNA we strive to take all life factors into consideration while focusing on healthy legal options for all of our clients. Many trends come and go, but science and medicine are constantly evolving. The goal of DNA is to offer the most up to date products, services, and options for all individual needs.


Please consult your regulating officials before use or possession or purchase of any dietary supplement. While our products are all natural and no prescription is needed, we still strongly recommend that all athletes and drug tested individuals clear any future use with their governing bodies. Recent court rulings in reference to Major League Baseball have stated that all forms of IGF-1 (regardless of the nature: natural or synthetic) are banned in MLB. 


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The best way to get started with anything is to have a goal in mind. We recommend calling or emailing DNA to communicate what you personally are looking to accomplish, along with providing some general background.

Often times we recommend clients to see a local doctor or we can recommend one we have worked with. Blood work can be very helpful due to the wonderful advancements in medicine and technology. While we do not provide any medical advice, many physicians and local labs offer a variety of clinical lab tests to support your well-being. Often times a general full panel, taken annually, will confirm your baseline values and give you a good idea if anything is abnormal. Another excellent option is a more advanced test known as a Micronutrient Blood Test, which measures one's internal ability to absorb vitamins, nutrients, anti-oxidants, metabolic carbohydrates, amino acids, metabolites, and minerals currently found in white blood cells. This is an important factor in determining any deficiencies you may currently have and provides a plan to get back on track via supplementation.

By truly knowing your baseline and re-testing after consuming any supplement or dietary items an individual can see if progress is being made internally, along with overall feeling and performing better. Often times supplement and diet consumers are playing a dangerous guessing game, hoping that the items they consume are working instead of truly measuring.

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